Dedicated to the Pursuit of Authenticity

HSM-ID Inc. provides information and services to enterprises, governments, the military, developer communities and social networks that seek the assurance that the identities of those who manage cryptographic keys are established with a measurable, and high, degree of reliability.

Our History

Reliable Identities is a unit of The Village Group, Inc., a spinoff of Delphi Internet Services Corporation. Founded in 1981, Delphi earned its claim as “The Company That Popularized The Internet” by harnessing the popular curiosity that had grown around the early Internet during the time when its usage had been limited to researchers and academics. Delphi was the first to capitalize on the NSF’s lifting of the ban on commercial activity on the Net.

The Village Group had been launched as an independent spinoff of Delphi, and was not part of News Corporation acquisition. The company served magazine publishers and business clients by designing, building and managing their own private-label online services. During the next twelve years The Village Group provided business planning, design, engineering, hosting, management and promotion services for Digital Equipment Corporation, William F. Buckley’s National Review, BioTechniques, Hardcopy, International Business, Business Digest, and many other companies and magazines.

In 1998 The Village Group sold its hosting business to NTT Verio in order to focus its resources on meeting the need for reliable identities of participants in online spaces. Three years later the first component of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, the VIVOS™ Enrollment Workstation, was introduced. In 2002 The Village Group became a signatory to the International Telecommunication Union’s World e-Trust Initiative, whose goal is to bring the benefit of PKI-based authenticity to the online world.

Our Future

The world is coming to realize that it needs more than information highways. In the physical world, highways bring us to spaces called buildings where we can share information in ways that are private, secure, and manageable. Identity is the Foundation of Security™ and The Village Group is dedicated to providing our clients with the virtual equivalent of buildings, where bounded spaces for specific workgroups provide built-in security and manageability.

Reliable Identities is a Premier Partner in The Authenticity Alliance.

The HSM-ID Team: